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Maximize workforce productivity with our workforce management solution with embedded employee benefits

Attendance Management & Task Management solutions that have embedded benefits like instant pay, instant claim disbursals & cashbacks

What is MYFINFI?

MYFINFI is a  platform that gives employers greater control over their workforce & gives employees access to a portion of the money that they have earned, whenever they need it.

MYFINFI leverages technology to enhance productivity

Day scheduler &

route planner for field agents

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Task management through geo-tracking, OTP verification & voice based feedback

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Voice recording of meeting notes, client feedback & approvals needed

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Real-time views & reports
for sales supervisors

Auto-allocation of leads
based on agent's PIN codes
& re-assignment of leads

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Field Force Automation

Time Clock

  • Track work hours, absences, equipment usage & time spent on jobs

  • Keep track of your employees  with Geo tracking, Geo fencing & more

  • Intuitive smart Timesheets which saves time before payrolls

Job Scheduling

  • Easily schedule shifts & dispatch jobs with calendar view

  • Automate & improve employee's shift with note & attachments

  • Track work performance with GPS status updates & media attachments


  • Lead Management- Import or Create Leads, assign & complete task & feedback

  • Online Forms- personal information update, policies update approval, maintenance request, supply order etc.

Earned Wage Access

MYFINFI account makes salary go further and work harder with low fee and better returns

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No Payroll

No changes in your payroll but the employee gets on demand earned wage

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Employee Retention

As a salary partner Finfi helps to reduce absenteeism and retain your employees

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Increase Employees

MyFinfi reduces employee financial frustrations and tensions at work considerably, with strong improvements in employee productivity

How It Works?

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