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Visualize, Communicate and Thrive: Modern Workforce Solutions 

Some employees work remotely or off-site, making it hard to track productivity, attendance, and tasks. You need real-time communication and better benefits like early salary access for employee retention.

We have a solution for you!

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Simplify Team Management with a Single App

MYFINFI streamlines daily tasks for teams and ensures seamless connectivity. Unleash the potential for business growth with features like Attendance Tracking with Location in Real-Time, Task Monitoring, Data Analytics, and API services, all in one intuitive app.

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Frontline Digitization & Linked Incentives
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The only digital tool that you need to manage & engage your team
Who Thrives with Us

"Empowering Clients, Achieving Results"

  • Track real time location and meetings

  • Geo-verified proof of client visit

  • Note their arrival time/ Count the accounts they visit

  • Track transit time/ Monitor break times and durations

  • Validate conveyance bills

  • Record feedback and insights digitally

  • Automate Leave records & tracking

  • Real time field staff GPS tracking

  • Custom forms & Geo- tagged photos

  • Intuitive dashboards & download reports

  • Manage & monitor collections

  • Ensure employees arrive on time for their shifts

  • Verify they work the required hours

  • Assign tasks with clear priorities

  • Track how many assigned tasks are completed

  • Monitor the number and duration of breaks

  • Confirm the display of relevant POP materials for promotions

  • Empower the manager to assign and rank daily/weekly tasks through a single dashboard

  • Capture daily task completion updates in an auditable manner

  • Offer one dashboard for daily task tracking by employees

  • Ensure task alignment with management priorities

  • Monitor and manage the time spent in meetings/ breaks

  • Reward employees for task quantity and quality, not just attendance

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Fit MYFINFI right into your business process

Our solution is a great fit for any type of business with a majority of non- desk employees, from industries like
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Loved by 25+ Corporates & 500000+ Customers
all over India

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