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Tracking employee locations & activities

If you have employees working in the field, it’s important to know where they are while they’re on the job.

Keeping track of your in the field employees is critical for safety, helps you bill your clients accurately, and makes it easier to redeploy employees to where they’re needed most. The best way to manage employees in the field is with employee tracking apps that offer GPS capabilities, communication tools, and time tracking features.

Look out for these Important core features

  • Real-time location tracking: The app should have GPS capabilities to track employee location.

  • Time tracking: Time tracking features allow you to track how long employees spend on specific tasks

  • Attendance tracking: App should record employee attendance and handle time-off requests.

Simple to operate features, like:

  • Easy to use: It should have a user-friendly interface and not require much training for employees and staff to use.

  • Cost-effective: The app should be reasonably priced and affordable for most small businesses.

  • Customizable: The ability to tailor the app to fit the specific needs of your business, such as custom work hours, roles, or permissions.

One should also check for other key product features, including:

  • Employee scheduling: You should ideally be able to create weekly and monthly schedules in the app and assign employees accordingly.

  • Employee time clock: Employees should be able to clock in and out from their phones, activating the GPS location tracking feature.

  • Team communication: You should be able to maintain communication with your staff no matter where they’re located with in-app chat and updates.

  • Alerts and notifications: Alerts letting employees and managers know they missed clocking in and out on time as well as alerts for upcoming deadlines, or other relevant events can be very useful.

Myfinfi does all of this and more! Task and project management features, lead management, Document collection & storage, customer service module, inventory & spare part management, AMC & warranty management etc.

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