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Fit FINFI right into your business process

Our solution is a great fit for any type of business with a majority of non- desk employees, from industries like
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Loved by 25+ Corporates & 500000+ Customers
all over India

Earned Wage Access

Get money in your account within couple of hours

Transfer your earned salary to your salary account

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For Employers
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Health Insurance & Benefits

Access quality care with Finfi with integrated wellness programs for a healthy lifestyle.

Get personalized tips, fitness challenges, mental health resources & virtual health consultations


Top Up Insurance

Super Top Up Insurance 

With rising medical costs, protect your family by enhancing your health insurance policy with a Super Top Insurance Plan.

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Low Cost
Tax Benefits
Wider Coverage
Mental Peace
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Success Stories

My money was transferred very quickly.

"Best app, very quick & helpful"

Rohit Patil, Finfi User

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Finfi Myfinfi World Private Limited|
10 Marine Lines, 417
Jolly Bhavan No 1, Mumbai, Mumbai City

Maharashtra, 40020, India


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For Employers
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