Don't pay more, just  pay more often

Empowering employees through financial wellness management


Structured around pay, supported by data

Based on human behavior, not lofty ideals of financial prudence


A fairer financial world for your people

A complete financial well-being program, in one app

On-demand pay

Merchant sponsored saving plans for short term goals

Health insurance with monthly subscriptions

Financial coaching


All in one, One for all

One App, One Card

Zero cost for earned wage access!

Best returns on short term saving

Working Outdoors

Employers are best served if employees are free from financial worries, as that puts undivided attention on work, enhancing productivity

Working from Home

We work for India's Workers. This is just the beginning


How It Works


Set your business up on MyFinfi World

Book a demo with us for more information on how to sign up


Invite employees to the Finfi app

Employees will have access to on-demand pay, smart budgeting tools, savings pots and expert financial coaching


And That's It!

Never take high cost, short term loan again

Your employees can now access their pay throughout the month via the app - fully automating any future salary advance requests.

Modern Work Space

Satisfied Customers

“The employees did their part -- they had done the work. We felt wherever possible, we should do our part by moving up their payday for part of their salary to cover an unexpected bill. Since this is a benefit that our people like, and that very few companies offer, our people are less likely to look for another job.”

Deepak Wadhwa

Founder and CEO, Locofast

“I don't think any of us thought that it was going to be such a powerful benefit to our team. I was so appreciative of the fact that Finfi does all the heavy lifting. From a business partner perspective, I’m so appreciative when my partners are willing to take the load. That’s always a win"

Mragank Jain

Founder/CSO, Moeving

"It has been a fabulous addition to our benefits package for our teachers and staff. They've been very grateful about the opportunity and resource to access their earned pay to address short term, unanticipated financial situations. Implementation and ongoing support have been incredibly simple and required virtually no administrative effort on our part. Given the low cost and highly positive impact of the service, I believe that every company would be wise to adopt it for their staff and absolutely, highly recommend Finfi"

Harsh Vardhan Sharma

Chairman of SBM School

Reading a newspaper


 Free for the employees  

Cashback on card spends to you    

No extra steps or changes to payroll 

Improve retention rates and employee morale 

Designer Lamps


No cost

Avoid processing cost & interest fees

Junk BNPL & Adopt SNBL

No credit check or documentation

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